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Op No Deal mission 3 camera issues - getting stuck out of map

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In Op No Deal mission 3 in the damn building, the camera gets stuck outside of the map/level and I have black and gray screen with all the normal hud, but can see edges of the interior, like I'm stuck on the outside of the map.

This seems to happen a few turns into the mission, diff number of turns, but when it switches to enemy's turn, the camera slowly drifts out of the map area and then gets stuck there. When it's my turn I can move the camera around and see edges of the map, but can't get into it to see my guys in the gameplay area.

If I quit to main menu and continue or even quit the whole game and continue, I am brought back to the place where I was outside of the map and have to restart the level to get the camera to be in the level. Then ti happens again on an enemy turn. Restarted 3 to 4 times already. Can't get past it.

I'm on Samsung GS4

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