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Get my Island working as DayZ Mod

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hi everyone,

to get my custom island working with dayz i create another @dayz_"name" folder.

i copied all "required addons" and dayz 1.7.3 *.pbos into that folder and start arma2

with this mod loaded on startup. now i enter the editor (normal & 3D) and try to add the

things needed in a dayz map to work, but i cant find any zombies, loot items...

is there any resource on the net, how to actually setup a multiplayer mission, with

a new island?

i couldn´t find anything...

cheers josh

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Hi again Josh...

Hmm - you'll notice a much slower response on this question than on your last one... that's because nobody here probably knows the answer to your question :)...

This section is where the island guys hang out - for "mission editing" questions, you'd need to ask in the "Missions Editing" section, where the "missions" guys hang out... get the idea? - It keeps thing neat and easily searchable for beginners...

However - there's an added complication in this case... It's likely you won't really find anybody on this Forum who really knows about that really DayZ-specific" stuff at all...

You were OK with basic terrain questions since that tech is common to Arma and DayZ, but for this sort of really DayZ-specific query you'd really be better off with one of the actual DayZ Forums...


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Hey Bushy,

thanks for your answer. for now i skipped the idea to make it a dayz mod. first i need to learn more about addons. when i´m that far i can start using and manipulating it with another mod...

but i got a question you maybe can answer... otherwise i´ll try it in another section.

i created another @... folder, like @dayz. mine now is called @JoshIsland, which contains my island. now i create a desktop shortcut for arma2oa and an autoload entry in the shortcut properties to load up my mod on startup. so far so good. when i use this shortcut to load arma2 with my mod it works fine and i can create a mission in the editor etc.. but i noticed that almost all objects (except the trees) are missing ingame (and also in the editor). i figuered out it must have something to do with the "required addons" entry in the mod config. but i read it only has something to do with the loading order.

i managed to get all the obejcts working by adding the object.pbos i´ve used in visitor3 to the "required addons" entry in the mod config and copying them to my addons folder inside my @JoshIsland folder.

now i want to get this working without copying everything and make arma2 load the *.pbos from the original game folder to minimize my mod size. there must be another option than having to copy things that are in the game directory anyway...

any idea? could it be something like ..\, or just "addons" in the "required addons" entry in the mod config?

big thanx for your help dude ;)

cheers josh

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