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Cezary Gaska

arma 2 Visitor 3 Problem

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Helo Everyone..

I have a problem...

I just made map in l3dt standart edition..

I have highfield , atribution, light, water Salnity Teerain normal, shadow, spectacular, Texture and Design maps..

I did save highfield map in xyz file, then i did put it to visitor 3.

I can enter buldozer but my map is blank white....

How can i imported to visitor 3 with my textures i made on l3dt?....

I was trying to put Layer.cfg from this tutorial" http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb's_Terrain_Tutorial "and mask Layer.png from atributes map {l3dt} and Sat mask.png from texture map{l3dt} into visitor 3 and its not working it saying error loading map atributes...

Help pls

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Hello sir we meet again :)

Ok well the only files you will need to export from l3dt is the height map,attribute map , and texture map.

I would suggest you run though sgt. Aces tutorial first to get an idea for the rest of the files you will need.

You need to either create ground textures and rvmats for them or grab them from the ca drive.

Then you can create a layers.cfg (which is needed to import your sat and mask) so you don't get that all white terrain and have visitor crash on you.

When you export your attribute map from l3dt it generates a nice text file with the rgb numbers for the different type of terrain on your island(I.e. sand,rock,grass,) which you can use those numbers in your layer config.

But run through sgt aces terrain tutorial first because this way you'll see how each one of those components is used.

Edit- actually you can start with this


He walks you through everything you will need to know about terrain creation. It's long but well worth the read to understand everything that's involved.

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Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!..... Everything works... You are The Man....

I have only one more problem and i will be ready to build my mission in visitor 3..... I got all Mikebart's veg, rocks, bush, cluter, trees,........now... where i have to put them ? to use it in visitor3 so buldozer can work with it with no problems?

What folder, where i have to create? i have config.cpp for mb cluter. mb rocks, mb trees as welll...

Help again pls...

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ok what name to this folder i should give? and i have to be one folder with: Mb_bush, Mb-rocks, Mb_clutter Inside?

or al those folders directly on P:\ ?............

---------- Post added at 13:05 ---------- Previous post was at 13:02 ----------

i'm using Arma 2p wright now to unpack all pbos in the right way from arma 2 , arowhead, pmc, and british... add ons

is it realy puting al the pbos folder in the right place like thay have to be?....

---------- Post added at 13:11 ---------- Previous post was at 13:05 ----------

there is one very important thing...... i reilise that.. when i'm using arma 2 oa editor and any island from any creator and i puting lot of stuff on the map like trees, building etc, game is slowing dawn like hell

when i'm puting all that stuff in the visitor 3 and then traying the map with all that stuf in editor game is working very fast- starnge... but thats way i have to put all the stuff in visitor first then only units armor end planes and soldiers in editor..

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When you unpack mike Bart's foliage pbo whatever the main folder is drop that into the p drive. I think he has one main folder with the 3 sub folders correct? So just drop the main folder into the p drive.

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rg that.. i just did.. and buldozer canot load mb tree , canot load any of mb files it saying bad version 50 p3d....? any ideas?

---------- Post added at 13:57 ---------- Previous post was at 13:56 ----------

My map is 41x41km 2048x2048 i made it in l3dt

By the way Arma 2p work great...

---------- Post added at 14:00 ---------- Previous post was at 13:57 ----------

Everything - mask and sat map works great from l3dt but... textures are low res low quality so i need to put my own i have 100's of hi -res textures i just need to find wright tutorial for puting them into visitor

---------- Post added at 14:03 ---------- Previous post was at 14:00 ----------

one more thing buldozer canot load mikebarts files and OA files like some bushes it saying for mb files - bad version 50p3d and for OA files bad version 49p3d

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ok.... i just figured out that buldozer canot handle type 49 p3d form OA and type 50 p3d from mikebart's vegetation...

I'm trying to fix this but have no idea how...

I have arma 2 p 2.5.1 i have Convertp3d and convert48.cmd to... thay saying wneh i;m opening convertp3d it will convert all 49 and 50p3d to 48 so i;m doing that but stilll mikebarts and oa files not working in budozer so i'm trying convert48.cmd still nothing...


Anyone help pls.................

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