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Patch 1.06 error

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I just purchased Take On Helicopters: Hinds (Vanilla, not Steam), and after installing with 1.05 Take on Helicopters and then adding Hinds, it works fine. Try to upgrade to 1.06, and I get the following messages on start up and then it bails to desktop:


Followed by this before it bails:


I've read the Steam thread. This is not the same thing that is happening to me. Any clues?


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OK, I have traced the problem down to Rearmed. I removed Rearmed and now Take on Helicopters loads normally with patch 1.06.

I'd like to use Rearmed as I own all of ArmA 2 and would like to fly in this area. Any additional ideas here?


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Uggh. I may be solving my own problem. Posting my results as I dig so that maybe this can help someone else:

Found this on the rearmed page:

"No entry'config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow" (on start-up) - try patching A2 & OA to the latest versions [2]



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Final solution was to take A2 to 1.11 and A2:OE to 1.60 and then to 1.62. Now I no longer have errors.

I hope this solution helps others.


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I would hate to "hijack" a thread that doesn't relate to my issue, But unfortunately I am unable to post a new thread due to me being new to the forums.

The issue is when I play Take On Helicopters, I am unable to get back to the menu(my escape key appears to be unbound, or not work).

I am able to use escape when in the menu, but as soon as I am "in game" it stops working. It's driving me nutz, as I have to [alt]+[tab] out of the game and end task(via the task manager).

I have checked my key bindings, but it says that I cannot bind the escape key, as it is reserved.

Other than that the game plays well, and I have all DLC installed. This game is a steam release.

Many thanks,


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