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Mission 4 - Need Help : Possible Bug

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Hey Guys

Just started doing the missions, and on mission 4 where you fly to the client's property.

Land next to his helicopter, go and talk to him..

He states he wants to go on a trip, cant remember exact wording. He then walks to his heli, which we are to use.. he gets in and I can see his female assistant inside as well, but I never get an option to get in the heli..

Restarted 4 or 5 times now. Sat in my heli until rotors have fully stopped, left one of my doors open to see if I can get back into my heli, which I cannot do after I have spoken to him..

Anyone offer some help please, basically it is a game breaker as I cannot do the mission..


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Removed CBA_TOH and it worked...


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