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Unite-Flying Choppers and fighting on foot

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Here is a suggestion that I was thinking of for a while. Since there are many cases in which many players join take on helicopters rearmed online servers without knowing how to fly why not alter things a little bit. What I mean?

Well TOH has got the possibilities to join players who want to fly with helicopters and guys who want to be in the trenches. There was a mission "Operation Pegasus" that was pretty good but there were some serious drawbacks, such as the great distance between the LZ and the target location. Something which thrills certain people but is a bit tiring for others.

So why not make a mission like Convoy attack and place a heavy helicopter in it and also by having some slots for soldiers we could achieve in our goal. We could change the Convoy by adding more AI soldiers so as to make it more difficult and challenging for the soldiers who will fight on foot. There could be a deployment of soldiers and even emergency evacs if required.

Looking forward for your replies. Thanks for the attention.

P.S. I unfortunately have no skills in editing a mission. Although my efforts programming is really frustrating.

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