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Simple MHQ respawn

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Hi all as the title says im trying to find a script etc to make a simple mobile respawn vehicle.

Im not very good at scripting and tend to pull bits from other stuff thats been made.

At the moment im using Norrins Revive just to use the mobile respawn part. This is exactly what im looking for but without the revive bit.

I have tried to seperate that part but with no success and when even when I try to dissable all the revive options in the revive init I still get problems.

I have been looking into this over the last week and have not found anything that is a good alternative!

There are a lot of threads at the moment about multi respawn points but these are static and not suitable for my needs.

So does any body know how to create this or has anything been made that I may have missed?

I have been looking at a script called HOG MHQ. This is quite close to what I want but I dont want the teleport options.

All I want is when you die and respawn you have the option to either respawn at base or the MHQ.

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