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Feedback tracker broke

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I am trying to make my first feedback ticked for a bug with the Hunter HMG and GMG headlights, but it does "504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT" error every time. Apparently the feedback tracker does not work.

Here's the bug:

Hunter GMG and HMG right headlight not working

The right headlight on the front of the Hunter GMG and HMG does not light up as it should. If you shoot out the other three it looks like there are none lighted but the affects of the front right one still show up on the ground. The regular Hunter does not have this problem, and neither do the Ifrits.

Place an empty Hunter GMG or Hunter HMG in the map editor, set the time to night, preview it, turn on the lights, then get back out and look at the front of the vehicle.

Maybe someone else can get the feedback tracker to work for them. I am using the Chrome browser. Can anybody confirm the headlight bug or that the feedback tracker is not working?

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