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COOP Mission pack

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I made some simple coop missions, they're good for pub, and clan servers, enjoy.

Mission list

COOP 20 Agia Marina - Eliminate OPFOR patrols in town Agia Marina.

COOP 20 Camp Rogain - Eliminate OPFOR mortar team and capture Camp Rogain.

COOP 20 Camp Tempest - Destroy OPFOR supplies located at Camp Tempest.

COOP 20 Girna - Capture town Girna

COOP 20 Stratis Air Base - Sabotage OPFOR Air Base

COOP 20 Night Raid - Destroy ammo supplies and perform "Clean Sweep"

P.S. You're clear to modify and edit my missions, if you spotted some bugs let me know, ill try to fix them, and of course I'm gonna make some more mission in near future

Download link http://www.mediafire.com/?8cwco5ilslhdo98

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