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Ghost Legacy W.I.P (Ghostrecon-esque)

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Hi all,

As some may know I released Ghosts for A.C.E 2 a couple of years ago bouyed on GRAW2's lack of epic-ness and depth that left me wanting.

I find myself drawn to create another addon, this one following the wake of GRFS.

What I am creating this time is at present a template addon to which missions/campaigns can be created using a thematic core based on what they tried to achieve in GRFS and what more resembles the Orginal GR.

I'm playing around with the idea of a branching Coop campaign almost a prologue to the GRAW saga and post GR:IT using existing weapons, equipment and tech, as the title suggests.

Features confirmed:

-Camo change scripts courtesy FEINT

-Profile change scripts (changes headgear of AI team members...purely aesthetic)

-Pick your squad members from a selection of GR characters or MP Coop players, unpicked units form HC squads ready for your commands.

-Use of High Commander Module to wield additional assets

What I am in need of:

-Mission writers both Coop and adversereal

-Voice actors

What I would like as a cherry on top:

-Character modelers

And in recognition of @Lightspeed_aust's campaigns and @Club-on's ARMA Ghost Recon II,

I would like to extend a humble request to @Lightspeed_aust and @Club-on and any other keen GR fans/ARMA II modders to join me in what could be an epic tribute to the original Ghost Recon. (I haven't posted my obligatory 2 first posts to PM you guys...haha, BI forum noob).

Thanks all for your time.


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keep it up, we shall see where this mod will go. GR style missions are always been cool. I remember old days when I first played SpecOps on PS.

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