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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission SDK Beta

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Finally, after taking much longer than I originally expected, here is the first version of CCGM SDK.

This version is distributed as a Beta Patch, which also installs SDK.

This installer works for regular non steam version. Steam users may get SDK by selecting "SDK" in the beta tab in Preferences of Carrier Command in their Steam Library.


File: Carrier_Command_Patch_1_03_0019_Beta_SDK.zip

CRC-32: 19a3e3ae

MD4: b5145fc38507d765a26a7f75d1b4104c

MD5: a7171989f93c6ff0bebafcc6859a4e43

SHA-1: deb5b745c98cdd1e0eb1f7f88efb17beed9573d4

Information about how to use it may be found here:


Special SDK section have been also created in the Feedback tracker for reporting bugs.

Special note - carrier.exe parameter "-mod" will only work on version 1.03.0019 and above (version included in this patch). If there are no major issues with the SDK we will shortly release patch 1.04 to introduce this modding compatibility to all customers.

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