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Bug I've noticed

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I played to the old facility In the very beginning of the first mission and notice a closed gate above it.

However, after updating the game to 1.03 I had to replay it because of the savegame changes. Then I noticed that this gate is now open and it's not meant to be.

If you go thru it dialogue will trigger, but nothing actually happens as you are meant to travel thru the old facility.

You should probably close that gate again as it could potentially break somebody's campaign. :)

Also, could we please have Quicksave and Quickload buttons?

Really enjoying the game so far....


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to 1.03 patch we add a shortcut to Command Center - that open gate - so that not every player has to go thru the train part.

When you go thru the gate you should without any problem hack the Command Center straightway. If it doesnt work it can probably be in occasionally situation after patching and loading some old save from the Vulcan mission.

If it somehow doesnt work even after you start a new campaign on the 1.03 patch - please give us some repro steps or save file.


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