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Bambi bucket and helidam project

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Hi all

With the Help of several members I have been working a mission evolving bambi bucket and now a helidam.

The mission was designed by Thromp and was called put out the fire. He very gratefully updated the mission and I have simply replaced his original bucket with my bambi bucket The helidam replace the bambi bucket that sven very kindly re done for me and added the config files.

The helidam is un-textured and a work in progress. I still need to work out how to add water in the dam so the chopper can pick up and I'm sure I will have more question for members here as I go about working on my project.

Big thanks to Thomp who was the original mission designer, Sven for helping me with the bambi bucket and config files and [FRL]myke for helping with adding contacts etc..

Here is a image to show what I have done so far

http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p178/hsvgto/helimission.jpg (125 kB)


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Hi nosecone.

Great to see some love for ToH.

As a hint, in ArmA2 is an beton water pool, it came with the Armory if i remember right. Don´t know how it was done, maybe a rvmat.

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