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Wasteland server lag / hacker problems.

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I know this may seem a little specific for the general server administration thread but this is a broad question about Arma 2 servers.

We have been running a successful wasteland server for a couple of weeks now and have been refining the code to get it as stable as possible. We have recently released our most stable build yet and it will happily operate with 50+ players indefinitely.

This is fine, however, occasionally some rather un-scrupulous ner-do-wells seem to be able to cause the server to pretty much fall over in seconds. When we check the logs, all we see is stuff like:

Example 1: "07.11.2012 20:57:08: TheTing (xx.xx.x.xx:2304) [GUID] - #0 "{ if((getPlayerUID _x) == '58871686') then { _x hideObject true; }; } forEach playableUnits;""

Example 2: "08.11.2012 11:02:00: BeTePoK (xx.xx.xx.xx:2304) [GUID] - #0 "if isServer then {this setVariable ["PG_result",[call {_prev = objNull; {if(!isNull(_prev)) then {_prev attachTo [_x, [random 1,random 1,0]]}; _prev = _x;} foreach nearestObjects [player, [], 10];}],true]}""

Example 2 script is several lines long, I can include it all if needed.

So firstly,

1) What does this mean? Is it perfectly harmless?

2) Could a player crash/lag the server by repeatedly running this script?

The biggest issue we have is that after these lag attacks, the server will not recover and a complete re-start is the only solution (much to the dismay of our players).

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Figured it out..

*Removed specifics*

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