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Take on military cadet career?

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Hi guys, I'd like to share with you a dream I have since a long time.

I think TOH got its success and has this grip on users because it gives a very well balanced mix between game/storyboard and simulation. Indeed, is tremendously fun to play.

But the very root of this success resides in the fact that it goes to fill a big gap in simulation software. All the sims produced so far are just...Sims. There's no story board, there are no characters, there is no feel of "real life" behind. On the other hand, we have games full of these features but they lack in simulation, they are just arcade.

In TOH, I love to just flight, then land wherever I like and just walk! Just take a walk on the Seattle docks, while my chopper is taking a short nap in the backyard, and then look at the sea, enjoy the silence, and then sit there and take a look at a place one day maybe I'll actually visit (I live in Rome).

So, very well done developers!

But now, another gap is there to be filled imho: extending this concept to military career. Think about it.

I always dreamt of a game like TOH located on a far outpost military air base, during 1914-1918 years, where you could play the role of a young cadet enrolling to fight for freedom on those old, wooden flying machines. Maybe he could possibly walk around, go to the barracks, sleep, go to the bar/canteen and relax having lunch with mates, then go suddenly into a scramble... Or maybe his boss could be an old asshole, or maybe he could have a romance with his wingman (a lady :-) ), and then the story in background could roll out whilst Europe burns in the flames of war.

A game where I can fly and interact with characters, just like an extended TOH. A modern experience "a la Wing Commander". But so far, no one ever tried to do so. Why? I can't figure this out.

The same concept could be applied to military helicopter simulation nowadays, and all the good stuff already developed for TOH/Hinds are there to be used.

Guys I'd LOVE to see this happen.

Recently, my heart bumped when I installed the new Wing Commander Freespace total conversion... I expected all the good from the ancient WC to be there. And when I did not even find a 3D cockpit I immediatley removed the SW from my HD. Total delusion: another arcade cockpit, after 20 years of SW progress. Ok it's free, but I'd like to pay for a new, eyecandy Wing Commander or Strike Commander saga...

So, may I see my dream come true sooner or later?


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It might be, but remember creating good campaigns and missions takes a LOT of effort, but don't rule it out :D

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