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  1. Dear Sirs, you should find another post here, "shame on FX Interactive", describing my situation. To resume: 1) I bought a legitimate copy of the game (boxed european version) 2) I CANNOT upgrade the game to the latest version 3) I CANNOT buy Hinds cause it won't work with the FX Interactive wrap up of the game So, in short, I cannot enjoy the full experience of this game (and believe me I LOVE this game and I WANT to play it) because the b@st@rds from FX Interactive, who receive money from the distribution of the game, don't allow the upgrade via their auto-upoloader. I sent several emails to the FX Interactive support, requesting informations and the upgrade of the game via their installer. They don't even bother to answer. They sell a game that is not upgradable!! They sell a product which won't allow users to buy expansions! They do not answer customers inquiries! This situation is UNACCEPTABLE. The game has bugs, I want to fix them. Yesterday I was playing a single mission and even though I accomplished the mission objectives, it won't let me play another mission! I'm stuck in there. Same happens in career mode. Until I finish a mission I cannot even play free flight. I cannot accept that I have a copy of the game, I bought the product and I cannot fix the bugs or play the expansion packs such as NC, or buy Hinds. It is not my problem if Bohemia rely on bad distributors who unprofessionally do not update their version of the game. And this happens in the whole Europe. --> So I kindly request Bohemia to give me an INSTALLER of their official version of the game, so that I'll finally be able to play, upgrade, buy DLC and enjoy the full experience. I'll demonstrate the legitimacy of my copy, of course. Thank you, KR Max
  2. annoluce

    Shame on FX Interactive

    Hi Jedra, I'll try maybe but perhaps the terms are expired. M
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to share with you a dream I have since a long time. I think TOH got its success and has this grip on users because it gives a very well balanced mix between game/storyboard and simulation. Indeed, is tremendously fun to play. But the very root of this success resides in the fact that it goes to fill a big gap in simulation software. All the sims produced so far are just...Sims. There's no story board, there are no characters, there is no feel of "real life" behind. On the other hand, we have games full of these features but they lack in simulation, they are just arcade. In TOH, I love to just flight, then land wherever I like and just walk! Just take a walk on the Seattle docks, while my chopper is taking a short nap in the backyard, and then look at the sea, enjoy the silence, and then sit there and take a look at a place one day maybe I'll actually visit (I live in Rome). So, very well done developers! But now, another gap is there to be filled imho: extending this concept to military career. Think about it. I always dreamt of a game like TOH located on a far outpost military air base, during 1914-1918 years, where you could play the role of a young cadet enrolling to fight for freedom on those old, wooden flying machines. Maybe he could possibly walk around, go to the barracks, sleep, go to the bar/canteen and relax having lunch with mates, then go suddenly into a scramble... Or maybe his boss could be an old asshole, or maybe he could have a romance with his wingman (a lady :-) ), and then the story in background could roll out whilst Europe burns in the flames of war. A game where I can fly and interact with characters, just like an extended TOH. A modern experience "a la Wing Commander". But so far, no one ever tried to do so. Why? I can't figure this out. The same concept could be applied to military helicopter simulation nowadays, and all the good stuff already developed for TOH/Hinds are there to be used. Guys I'd LOVE to see this happen. Recently, my heart bumped when I installed the new Wing Commander Freespace total conversion... I expected all the good from the ancient WC to be there. And when I did not even find a 3D cockpit I immediatley removed the SW from my HD. Total delusion: another arcade cockpit, after 20 years of SW progress. Ok it's free, but I'd like to pay for a new, eyecandy Wing Commander or Strike Commander saga... So, may I see my dream come true sooner or later? Max
  4. annoluce

    Shame on FX Interactive

    Hi, thank you guys for your replies and support. If I knew earlier, I would have bought directly from the BI store with joy. And I would have got this fantastic game (which is giving me a lot of fun btw) with the whole expansion packs it deserves. But I can't, cause I purchased my copy on Amazon and the copy is a boxed game from FX Interactive. I was enthusiast to buy the boxed version, because I like to "touch" my games. Call me a romantic. But I thought it was natural and granted that the boxed game would have been compatible with all the good stuff I can purchase from the BI store. I was wrong. Never give nothing for granted, mates. Whereas I would be happy to receive an installer from Bohemia (and 2 second later I would buy the Hinds expansion from the store), the pain point is not that one. Is not to pay for a second copy. I can give my copy as a present for a friend. My anger comes from a situation by which customers who bought legitimate copy of a product, cannot enjoy the full experience due to stupid (and maybe, illegal) distributor behaviour. And that's not only me. On this forum there are several posts of people in my situation complaining for FX Interactive policies. And that's not only Italy, is Europe. My anger comes from a situation where the customer is meant to be in the center of it all (how many times guys did you heard the sentence "customer centric services"?? Ad nauseam, isn'it?) but he's not. The customer is only a money-cow. Am I exaggerating? For 20 euro? I don't think so. Because the game COSTS 20 euro. So I am speaking about an amount that, for how neglectable it can be in a daily P&L, is worth all in all the thorough game experience. And the possibility to install patches and expansions. Period. I think game producers should pay more attention in choosing and dealing with distributors and in making contracts with them, in order to defend final customers and, eventually, their brand. Max
  5. annoluce

    Shame on FX Interactive

    In Italy, filing a complaint at consumer protection agency is useless. I issued a complaint with FX Interactive customer support Director, instead. Will keep you posted about the outcome. I fear that if I want to enjoy the full experience I'll end up purchasing a new copy from the BI store.
  6. annoluce

    Shame on FX Interactive

    Thank you anyway.sure like hell I will buy fro big store.that's not the point though. FX interactive is an official authorized Italian and Spanish distributor for toh.so there are commercial agreements between them and Bohemia.I bought a copy and part of the profit goes to Bohemia so they are involved.I am a customer of Bohemia exactly like you or anybody else who bought from their store,exactly like a Chinese buying an iPhone from Beijing is a customer of apple. So I have the right of enjoying dlc just like anybody else and Bohemia should take care of pushing on their distributors in order to enable their customers to access patches and dlc.otherwise I'm an angry customer just as if I bought from the store online and the game did not worked.too philosophic maybe,but real. What's more,maybe on this forum there is someone who can help me installing dlc anyway with some trick.
  7. Hi everybody, Max speaking. A poor intalian guy who bought the FX Interactive distribution boxed game. Fatal mistake. The game is really well located in italian, but getting to the issue: it's impossible to update it to 1.05 patch. What's more, FX support says they don't know if Hinds is going to work (I suppose: it won't). I wrote a mail to their support asking for information. The 1st answer was "the patch can seriously damage the game". I insisted, requesting more puntual answers to my questions. The answers are: 1) we are working on the patch to be released through FX Interactive auto-updater but we don't know when it wil be released (maybe never or when I will get old); 2) We simply don't know if Hinds i supported. Unbelievable!! Now, we know that a trained monkey is more than enough to be on duty on an average contact center, but it's really unbelievable that I spent 20 euro for the full game and I cannot update it, nor buy a legitimate digital content like Hinds, nor play the noisecontrollers free pack. I want them! I have a legitimate copy!! So what is the solution here? Buy the whole new package (TOH+Hinds) that will cost me 30 more euro? Again, shame on FX Interactive. All said, I'll never buy another game from them.I am very disappointed, to use an euphemism.