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Wasteland: If possible please help

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Hello! I wonder if anyone here worked or works with any server in ArmA 2 mod Wasteland?!! Cause I'm trying to start a server and I can not activate the veiculos.Se anyone knows how to activate or even teach how to turn, I thank you now. I have the script needed, if I need to send alteration is made. From already thank you.

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You seem to have forgotten to read the rules you just agreed with during signup.

§8) Post in the right forum & right thread

Please ensure you make new threads in the correct forum, if you're unsure of which forum to post in feel free to ask a moderator. If a thread exists for the topic you wish to post about you must use it, for example all ACE questions belong in the ACE thread. All addon/mod questions belong in the thread for that addon/mod. In the case of DayZ discussions they should be posted on the DayZ forums, this includes problems with the Modification. The troubleshooting forum is not for problems with Addons and Mods!

§9) Do not cross-post

Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum simply to get an answer quicker or to draw more attention to your post.

§12) Do not type in all capital letters, all bold, or in a non-black font

Typing in all caps equates (according to standard net etiquette) to yelling. It is also difficult and obnoxious to read such posts. This also applies to posting all in bold or all in a certain font colour just to try to make your words stand out, if your point is interesting enough or well written enough it will stand out. You're welcome of course to use different colours for parts of your post if it helps clarify certain areas, but typing complete messages in any colour other than black should be avoided. Please refrain from non-standard fonts and/or font sizes as well please.

§21) Use descriptive thread titles

If you start a new thread, please make sure your thread title explains what you want without forcing people to read through your post first.

Thread titles such as "How in the world do I...", "Need help!" or "Will we ever see..." are anything but descriptive. We do not allow these kind of titles and threads with such titles are subject to be closed.

Since you manage to break so many rules in just 1 post I advice you to go over the rules again before posting.

The rules can be found here:


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