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dragon zen

MP edit: How to force the player select a new created unit when he died in MP????

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Hello friends:

It's the first time to edit MP mission, a question for "selectplayer" and respawn. I'm sorry I even don't know how to make respawn function in MP, but I don't want to use normal respawn. (Of course I also appreciate if somebody can give me a link to tutotial of respawn so I can learn it)

My mission is similar as CTI, a 8vs8 playable teamleaders which can be controled by AI if there is enough players.

In my mission, I want to create a new unit to leader's team and make player select that unit when he is dead.

My confusions are:

(1) Which computer (client or server) should create the new unit? I saw that unit in player's team is local to client's computer. But I guess it should be server, for that leader maybe AI. But if it is server create the unit, how to write code to make player select that unit? (Use isPlayer?)

(2) Subsequently, which computer run "_groupplayer selectleader _newunit" ? Does it necessary to set new unit as playable? What is most important: Since the playable is changed, whether those players join in progress get crash because they load original units which has been deleted??:confused: This even make me wonder whether my idea of respawn is possible in principle in MP mission......

The first step to edit MP misson is real hard, thanks a lot for the helps!!

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