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Artillery mod compatible with BIS Arty Module

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Hi all,

I am a member of the French Team OFrP (Operation FrenchPoint), and i come here to gain responses about a bit problem.

I explain, we have created some artilery vehicles (mortars and mobiles vehicles) and we wish to use them with the Artillery Module commanding by AI.

When i place these units by editor, synced with the Arty module, and with the right sentence, nothing happens.

I know, one solution is to change the weapon and ammo in the init ingame, but we prefer to have a mod completly compatible with the arty module, without using an artefact.

So is it possible to make our vehicles compatible by changing or adding something in their config ?

I saw the command "Arty_isartyvehicle = 1" in another post, it's important ?

An extrem solution could be to make a proper module...

Thank you by advance

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