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AI Transport Script

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How would I go about making the AI not go into certain zones until they are clear ? I have the zone markers and triggers setup in the towns. Maybe somehow I would go about making it if obj is false then don't move there but I do not know how to write this.

// Function file for Armed Assault
// Created by: (AEF)Wolffy.au [2CAV]
// Created: 20090326
// Version: 20090326 - Initial release
// Version: 20090410 - Added helicopter support
// Version: 20090414 - Fixed AI flying into trees on take off and
// hover on landing (helps on slopes)
// Contact: http://www.aef-hq.com.au
// Purpose: Give directions to any AI transport inc helis
if (isServer) then {
   PV_AID = [];
   PublicVariable "PV_AID";
   [] spawn {
       while {true} do {
           waitUntil {(count PV_AID) != 0};
           _driver = PV_AID select 0;
           _pos = PV_AID select 1;
           if (vehicle _driver iskindof "Helicopter") then {
               _driver move (position _driver);
               _driver flyInHeight 50;
               waitUntil {(getPos _driver select 2) + (_driver distance (getPos _driver)) > 40};
           _driver move _pos;
           // Originally from Myke's cep_move.sqf
           if (vehicle _driver iskindof "Helicopter") then {
               _driver flyInHeight 50;
               _land = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle _pos;
               waitUntil {(_driver distance _land) < 150};
               _driver land "GET OUT";
               waitUntil {(getPos _driver select 2) + (_driver distance (getPos _driver)) < 5};
                _driver flyInHeight 3;
               deletevehicle _land;
           PV_AID = [];
           PublicVariable "PV_AID";

if (count _this > 0) then {
   _driver = _this select 0;
   _id = floor random 10000;
   //hint format["%1", _id];
   call compile format["click%1 = [];", _id];
   titleText ["Click on your map where you would like the driver to move to.", "PLAIN DOWN", 1];
   onMapSingleClick format["click%1 = _pos; onMapSingleClick """"", _id];
   waitUntil {call compile format["(count click%1) > 0", _id]};
   waitUntil {(count PV_AID) == 0};
   call compile format["PV_AID = [_driver, click%1]", _id];
   _driver sideChat "Moving out";
   PublicVariable "PV_AID";

This will not work but its something like this I think :).

if (_obj1=false) then {driver1=something to disable move} else {allow him to move to that zone}

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