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Problem with custom faces defined in the main config.bin

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Hi all,

well, i'm trying to use some custom faces. So, i made a custom cfgfaces in a custom pbo, and modified the main config.bin in the cfgworlds section, by replacing the faces in the "class east" section of it, under soldiers names, like :

class TimofeiProdunov
	name="Timofei Produnov";

Where "myFace" has been defined in the cfgfaces.

So, the problem is : once in a while, the custom face switches with a default face (the one that shows in Oxygen, the guy with a beard), then switches back to normal etc. That's bloody annoying !

Any idea on how to solve this ?

Thanks for reading, anyway ;)

EDIT : same problem in OFP or CWA.

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That "switch" you're mentionning, could it be a lod change hinting at a problem with some named selection in a specific lod ?

It's possible that for the affected lod that the head is not correctly assigned to the named selection and so using whatever face is used in O2, happen sometime even when visually it's not obvious something is wrong, redefine the selection related to the head in every lods like this just to be sure

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Yes, that sounds very logical. I did check but i think i'll check again. Thanks a lot for the answer.

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