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[M.S.O.] Light Version?

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I need your help,

I think you know the Multi Session Operation's Mission on Arma2 Combined Operation,

It seems to be a very good coop mission for team-play. But i have a little problem with this one.

I have a Linux server, a good serv for my team, we dont have lag on it, or crashes. But When i'm lunching an MSO(with ACE mod! I specify),

All players have bad ping, there is a bad sync. So i suppose the mission is too heavy for my server.

So, i'm a small mission maker. And I want to delete some of mission's script, like R3F Logistique.

Specifically I want to make a lighter version of the mission, but keeping the AAR functionality, MEDEVAC, Logbook.

So someone would have already done there?

I state again that my team plays in ACE² and ACEX (Ru,Navy) << [Version 1.13RC5]

PS: Sorry for my very bad English :o

PS2: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13336 (Link of the MSO on Armaholic)

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Just comment out all the things you don't want. Look in core or ambience or enemy and check the modules. Just place // in front of the modules you don't want active and you are done OR just set the things you want/don't want in the params at mission start.

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