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Help! Im abit worried here about FADE! (not pirate/warez)

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Hi there im worried about the possibility of me somehow triggering FADE.


Well since i have a ton of mods and missions and im gonna revert my computer about six months (some 17 GBs of mods and missions lost)

soo i decided to copy ALL my mod (@modname) folders and the documents folder But 1 problem

i accidentaly also copied Expansion, Addons, dta, userconfig, dll.

so my question now is?

did i trigger FADE?

if not then will it fuck my reinstalled arma later on when move it into my newly isntalled arma 2 on my reverted hardrive?

and if it matters most of my mods are installed from SIX Updater.

i have used the search function so dont tell me go search since i already have.

now am i F'd and/if can i check if i am except the shooting test (something more concrete)?

and if i triggered FADE can i fix it somehow ?

Please sincerely help me!

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Admins feel free to move this to the apropriate section since the layout confused me , sorry :P

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frogot a thing :(

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