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18th Tactical Regiment Invites you.

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Hello all soldiers out there. I represent the 18th Tactical Regiment. And we would like to invite YOU to a game this saturday.


General Info:

Server: Search on host: "18th Tactical Regiment" ("18th" works fine aswell).

Teamspeak: IP/Adress: gamersplatoon.org:10487 (Ask for Daniel or Ellman)(Havoc Gaming)

Download links for mods:




You use six updater to get acre aswell. You search it in the "mod" bar on six updater and upate/install it. !!Make sure you are not running Teamspeak during this installation. Make sure in your Teamspeak 3 folder ---> Plugins that there are a "dsound.dll" file there, and check in your teamspeak settings aswell (Settings-->Plugins). Important: Make sure to run Teamspeak 3 as administrator when intended to run ACRE. (If you have any questions, feel free to join us on teamsepak and we will help you.

Fallujah (Map):

Download Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12315&highlight=FALLUJAH

We'll see you on the Battlefield on Saturday, Marine.

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