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First impressions.

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Looks gorgeous, but my video card can't handle it, NVidia GTX 550Ti. Had to turn a bunch of stuff down. No biggy.

Flight model in expert is just irritating. It's close enough to be hard, far enough off to be annoying. Might just be a "nack" thing though.

Game play isn't all that great either. It has taken too much of a simulator posture to be a good "game", but doesn't do simulator very well at all. The panel is too game like for a sim.

* Switching in and out of map mode takes too long.

* Random de-stabilization requiring nearly half a stick to hold correct in hover has to be wrong.

* The trim system is very poor.

* The ARMA interface is not very intuitive a lot of times.

* Mouse/Free view should be on a mouse button not ALT. I only have 2 hands. 1 for stick, 1 for mouse, how am I meant to press ALT? (Don't answer that!)

* In expert mode you lose a lot of information usually presented on the map and the hud, however the panel and navigation equipment is either non-functional, non-existant or just non-intuitive. Give me a real heli panel any day over this. As an example, how am I meant to program a reference point for the HSI? If i can't see myself on the map, where is my GPS coordinates?

To be honest, if it was £19.99 I'd be hurt, but happy. £31.99 I feel ripped off. Just wasn't what I was expecting.


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- You can permanently show your GPS system on screen (right ctrl + G i think). And you can resize it to your liking in the options menu. No need to go to the map while flying.

- Mouselook, just double tap left alt and you can look around only with the mouse (there is also a setting in the options to always start with freelook or something)

- You can customize the difficulty setting, so for expert you can manually enable the hud with the gauges (which I did) for example.

- GPS coordinates are on that green gadget that's laying on the map (i think it's in TKOH). It's 6 numbers.

@Flight model: there are a few threads here about most of the FM problems, with some solutions suggest by real heli pilots etc.

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The problem I have with the GPS is that there are no zoom controls so I can't zoom out and see where the next waypoint is. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

Please add a zoom in and zoom out feature for the GPS map!

Also enable the option of allowing you to keep waypoints on screen for expert mode. Right now I have to keep hitting escape to getting the waypoints to keep reappearing.

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