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Take On Official Scenarios

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Welcome to the Official Scenarios section of the Take On Helicopters forum.

We'd like to share a few tips with you, which might help you to find answers to your questions:

  • Before you start a new topic, Search the forum. It's perfectly possible that somebody has asked the same question before and somebody else answered that.
    If you're not sure where to find the button, please consult the following image ;)
  • Please discuss only official scenarios here. For custom community missions, please use TAKE ON HELICOPTERS - CUSTOM SCENARIOS section.
  • When describing anything related to career story, make sure you use spoiler tag:
    [SPOILER]Take On Helicopters is a helicopter game[/spoiler]

    Result will look like this:

    Take On Helicopters is a helicopter game
    You can type in the tag manually, or use spoiler button:
  • Instead of "2nd mission" or "the one with a heavy helicopter", use full scenario name. You can find it on top Pause menu, in main menu or in Heliport menu (when playing career). Only exception is "Contract" scenario, which can vary depending on which contract you actually selected. In that case use the name from Heliport/main menu.
    If you're still not sure, at least describe what is happening in the mission, so it can be identified ;)

Enjoy your stay ;)

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