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Cut&Paste Weapon/Ammunition ClassNames Demo Mission

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This is a demo template mission that contains a set of "WeaponHolder" units that hold Weapon & Ammunition classnames in their "Name:" fields that can be copy & pasted to arm new units in a mission.

Examples of the WW4 Weapon classnames are used for demonstration purposes.

Each WeaponHolder has the following properties:

Initialization: hintCadet "Weapon Classname"

eg. hintCadet "WW4 M16 Weapon Classname"

(Basically a comment to remind the misson builder what weapon this unit holds, uses hintCadet so advanced users won't see it in game)


eg. WW4_M16__WW4_W556_30Bmag__WW4_W556_30BHDmag


*Unit name must be unique

*Units copied from another unit will be auto-named (see soldiers on the right hand side of the formation in the demo mission for examples of this)

*Unit names can only use limited characters/no spaces etc. To get around this I used triple underscores: ___ as classname separators as single underscores are usually parts of existing classnames

Now you can copy the weapon & ammo classnames from the WeaponHolder Name Fields & paste them into the init fields of the new units you are editing.

WeaponHolder Demo Mission download link:


Addons required:


(But you will need WW4mod21 if you want to actually use the ClassNames used in the demo WeaponHolder units.)


But everyone already has WW4 installed, right? ;)

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