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World Tools 1.8

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WorldTools 1.8 is on the way to Armaholic.

Version 1.8

· New offset feature that operates on the ArmA2 output file, to work on extremely huge maps with partial map chunks.

· World tools now support a new feature for fence placement that allow user to introduce a small random deviation on each fence piece placed on the map. This is suitable for making more realistics fences (avoiding extremely precise straight-in wood fences) and for everything you could need. BEWARE: this feature will prevent you to have a precise box closing.

· Added the ability to set starting coordinates by numerical input for fence editor

· Bug fixed: Sometimes WT was not able to save your work. :yay:

By the way savings will be faster and smaller. Old projects will NOT BE COMPATIBLE with new version, but i provided a LOAD OLD PROJECTS function to bring them back to life.

Further savings will update and make them compatible with new features.

Enjoy :)

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Hey! Thanks for the new version Shezan!

I'm sidetracked away from my Big Machine for a week or two due to RL work, so I've been fooling around with a little webbook in the evenings, just to get occasional internet access and stuff... No hope of it running Arma 2 itself, but Worldtools works just nicely :D Means I can make at least some nominal progress on my project even if I don't actually have main computer access...

Managed to load my enormous old Forests project with the "import old projects" option - Brilliant! I'd spent a fair bit of time on that so it was excellent to be able to bring it into the new version without problems!


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