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WW4 Asian OPFOR Demo

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I have created a couple of missions that demonstrate Chinese/Asian OPFOR units in the WW4 mod.

This uses the face textures that are included in the PLA mod (70 face textures!) using the SetFace command and does not require altering the original mod or tampering with the creator's content.

As mentioned in the PLA Mod readme:

"1, Script to assign a face.

Write: "This setface""VME_CNFace**" in INIT;", "**" is a number between 01 an 70, even for regular face, odd for camo face."

NOTE: I believe the regular faces are odd numbered & the camo faces are even numbered.

Standard Asian faces demo mission:


Camo Asian faces demo mission:


Extract the mission folders from the archives into your OFP/Users/%username%/Missions folder.

Required Addon(s):

PLA Mod V 3.1:


NOTE: Technically, only "VME_PLA_Addons.pbo" and "VME_TEX.pbo" are required to use the face textures but AFAIK they have not been released as stand-alone addons with the author's permission so you will need to download & extract them from the complete mod if you are short on disk space.

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