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WW4 Desert Guerilla Demo

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Anyone looking for a fast way to come up with Desert/Middle Eastern OPFOR for use with the WW4 mod may find this useful.

I used the afghan faces from the "Generic Middle Eastern Rebels v1.2" units with the WW4_DGUER* units ((WW4 Z-Guerilla (D) units in the mission editor)).

Demo mission download link:


Addon links:


(JAM2 also Required:


JJR ME Rebel face classes are JJR_Afgan[1-12] (from the readme).

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Also added the WW4 WW4_DMIL* Desert Militia units ((WW4 Z-Militia (D) in mission editor)). These use the Gulf War I (1991) desert camo mixed with other equipment.

Demo mission download link:


Same addon requirements as above.

Just extract archive to your OFP "Users/%username%/missions folder & open in mission editor.

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