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Berghoff's nature packs alignment fix

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Berghoff's nature packs are really good and give more atmospheric feeling on custom islands, however, while playing, you've probably come across views like these:


Uncool. Not only it looks bad, but characters may even get stuck around forest parts like that.

There's a quick fix for this though by mission editing means:

1. While in mission editor, enable object IDs by clicking the Show IDs button on the right panel.

2. Look for the forest square(s) that's glitched. The easiest way is to keep repositioning the player character and previewing until you're on top of a forest part like that.

3. Execute the following command (In player's init field, init.sqs, trigger, whatever):

(object [b]ID[/b]) setDir (getDir (object [b]ID[/b]))

(Edit the bolded parts appropriately)

This will fix the object alignment, as seen in the example pictures below (Before and after):

poop2.th.jpg fixedc.th.jpg

Of course the more practical way would be just to fix the models themselves, but if you lack the know-how, this is a quick, easy way to fix it.

So far I've tested it on Berghoff's nature pack 3 and 4. It seems to work perfectly on nature pack 3, but it didn't seem to on nature pack 4 unfortunally.

I found this an useful way to fix glitched forest parts like that when playing on islands featuring Berghoff's nature packs, like Drago 2 by OFman for example. I hope you find this useful too. :)

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