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Help me Find a good Server Config for my Specs

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Iarsiano, I realise that not many, if any, server administrators have had access to such a powerful machine to run Warfare BE on. I was simply asking for his opinion, I thought he may have used a server which had a similar clock speed, since apparently the server client is restricted to only using two cores, and could therefore advise me on an approximate player count to begin experimenting at.

The server won't be installed till next week however, so I will have to wait to see what it can handle. I doubt the bandwidth will prove to be the bottleneck though. I would very much like to find a way to force the server client to distribute the AI operations over all available cores since then I imagine you could quite easily have 128+ players.

I think I will begin testing at 64 players and see how things go. Keep an eye out for the server in the next week or two :).

I have a dayz server that stays packed with 75 people I could test settings...I removed zombies and the loot spawning... how to test? someone give me settings for a 75 person server on 100 MBS connection!! PLEASE

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