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Serverside Zeus AI makes clientside dependency - zeu_oa_c_w_disp

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I have uploaded a mission to a dedicated server. The mission works fine when I test it with MP on my machine.

When I try to start it up, I get kicked for not having this file: zeu_oa_c_w_disp

The server has Zeus AI installed. I have never had Zeus AI installed on my machine. All other missions on the server works fine.

What could be the problem?

EDIT: Wrong forum. I'm sorry. Move?

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I know this isn't helping you much, but I have on my dedi, I have ZAI serverside ONLY and have never had any errors like this.

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If your server has ACE installed, you are incorrectly using:


From the readme...

Important: You must use the ACE specific version for:


instead of the OA version (zeu_OA_c_wep_dispersion.pbo) or a dependency

error message will be generated on mission load:

.rpt: "Addon zeu_ace_c_wep_dispersion (entry PKT_veh) not found in the list

of active addons."

Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on

downloadable content that has been deleted. zeu_OA_c_wep_dispersion"


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