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Battlefield Remake

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Here is my version of the classic "Battlefield" mission from CWC:


Beta 0.61

Required Game

Armed Assault 2 + Operation Arrowhead

Mission Description

Takistan & Russian forces have illegally added heavy weapons to a remote desert outpost south of Zargabad in direct violation of a UN Security Council Resolution. As a marksman detailed to support Task Force Ripper, you will participate in an assault on the outpost in a combined arms operation including mechanized, artillery and air units.


Kit selection for player

Placeholder intro & outro

Complete briefing with backstory

Real Fire – Every bullet fired from a rifle or pistol, every missile fired from a plane or AAB, and every shell fired from a howitzer or mortar tube is real – fired at a real target. None of that is created via script or by the use of doFire commands. As such, the initial fire fight sequence can differ on each play.

Known Bugs

The issue with activateKey has been resolved and will be corrected in the next update.

Armaholic mirror:

- Battlefield Remake (@)

Any constructive feedback to help improve this mission would be appreciated.

Edited by RangerX3X
Bug Resolved

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Hi RangerX3X

I'm working my way though this great pack of missions.

I'm currently stuck on this mission.


Once i drive the CO to meet up with Alpha Squad and i get out of his LandRover i am unable to board the second LandRover.

Alpha Squad board the vehicle and the passenger seat is empty

(6 in the back + driver) but i don't seem to be able to get in.

Just get rearm symbols when close to it.

Any ideas ?

Great job mate ;)



sorry wrong missions ;o) & can't remove my post

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...I'm working my way though this great pack of missions...

I think you want to chat up w0lle regarding his Cold War Crisis remakes.

You are more than welcome to try my mission though.

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