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Community-event series: German War Ace Campaign

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German War Ace Campaign

Hosted by the „German Bloody Eagles“ (GBE) clan the GWAC simulates a conflict in TAKISTAN.

The background-story short: After long years of dictatorship the TAKISTAN army supports a new government, consisting of local tribe leaders. Due to the fact that US and EU companies had earned the greatest benefit from the former dictatorship, the new government has banned these companies from the country in order to ask Russian and Chinese investors to take over.

According to this development there are widespread and ongoing cruelties against US and EU citizens in TAKISTAN. After a request from the EU the UN security council has declared a mandate for an international stabilization mission in TAKISTAN. Due to the lack of time a bataillon of the „NATO Response Force“ (NRF) was ordered into the area immediately.

The government of TAKISTAN has warned the NRF to cross the border, while Russia and China protested against this sort of action.

Meanwhile German KSK-teams have captured the airfield southwest of LOY MANARA during the last night without any resistance. It's expected the NATO ground forces will arrive during the next hours.

The TAKISTAN government has declared a state of defence and has called it's people to resistance.

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Your clan will have to join an unit of the NATO or TAKISTAN forces. There are several infantry and armored units, as well as two airforce teams and one specialforces unit each side. Each fraction will consist of 40 players and 11 units.



On the GWAC website you will have to manage your soldiers and equipment for each battleday. The battleday is played with ArmA2 OA and with the addons ACE2 and BWMod. It will last 2 ½ hours at each Thursday.

The goal of each battleday is to capture neutral or enemy towns, while the other fraction will try the same. Each town is populated by AI-civilans and each captured town will be defended by a group of AI-soldiers. You have to earn your battlefunds by holding or capturing towns to get new equipment or to maintain the existing. Avoid the killing of civilan at all costs, that will reduce your income dramatically.

As each fraction has reserves each soldier will respawn after a revive-time of 5 minutes in the case of death. Vehicles have to be operated by crew and pilot classes only.

At the moment GWAC is preparing for two full-scale test battledays. After that, likely in early September, the GWAC will go live. Be advised that our main command language is German, although English speaking clans will be welcomed too.

To join the GWAC please visit our website or feel free to contact „HamburgerSV“ or „TomNedry“ via our TS3 (, Pwd: bitch).

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