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The world was devastated by a man made virus called ADIV-16. The worlds Nations and Governments split into two Governments The free world formed the UN ( United Nations) while the Communist governments and alike followed collectively under the UCN (United Communist Nations). The UCN Developed a virus that killed the host but reanimated the body in which they used to infect the world. The first recorded use of this viral weapon was in 2016 September 11th the UCN flew a stolen chopper into outer Berlin, onboard was patient zero who survived the crash infecting everyone in the surrounding area then it spread across Europe. Now the world is dead, its 37 years later, and small camps gave way to prosperous settlements. After years of fighting all settlements came together under one flag. They united under the Republic of Chernarus. But some old players are seeking to finish what they started. Now the Republic is under attack, the soul of Chernarus is dying and the future is bleak. Travel with the Republic as they fulfill their destiny.

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