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  1. NOW in saying that. If there is a demand I can do a couple of things


    1. I can upload my current list of Tactical Maps - they are much more streamlined and optimized than the ones currently here. There is no more 1min count down at the start only on respawn and a lot of the filler settings that I didn't really know about have been removed to make for a much more clean template pack. The only catch is since my group are now using the 3d editor to custom make all our missions I haven't gotten around to making a tactical map basic and advanced for all the maps in the current pack.

    In fact the advanced missions no longer exist. At least with the advanced medical system.

    We do also have a number of Tactical Maps that use the ACE 3 revive system and have a one life only, 3 revives with a 3 minute bleed out timer.

    So I can offer you guys what I currently use but it won't be as comprehensive as the current tactical map pack.



    2. I will consider posting up my Tactical Template framework for people to download and modify to make their own template missions for whatever map they want with what ever units they want.


    Sounds good to me. I actually quite like the idea of penalizing death by having a fixed amount of respawns. Definately makes it more tense ;)