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  1. tebsuuu

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    Maybe found a bug. I just installed it on my server and we have 3 zeus slots. It works for 2 of them but not for the first. The only difference is: first zeus is marked as "Player" while the others are "playable".
  2. tebsuuu

    Simple Rank Patches

    saw that Simple Mysql Rank Script already but unfortunately, i have a linux server and i cannot use Arma2NET on it. I would love to have a script where i can just hardcode it. I tried to modify this script but i had no success. The ranks stayed the same :( edit: or maybe a version that is also using the squad XML would be good. Then i can use it for both, the rank patch script and the ranks themselves.
  3. tebsuuu

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    I fixed it already. What i meant is this: Once Zeus clicked on teleport (because he actually wants to teleport somewhere) this teleport thing stays active and he cannot add markers anymore. I changed the teleport.sqf this way: if (player == player) then { hint "Click on map to teleport"; onMapSingleClick "player setpos _pos"; sleep 10; hint "Teleport deactivated"; onMapSingleClick ""; }; if (true) exitWith{}; So it only stays active for 10 seconds and then he has to click teleport again if he wants to :)
  4. tebsuuu

    Simple Rank Patches

    the tutorial is insufficient. You talk about simpleRP_PO,simpleRP_XML and simpleRP_CP. Where are those variables or do i have to put them into the init.sqf ? It says, that it reads the ranks from an XML file. Where do i have to put this XML file? Will it also set the rank? Please make the installation tutorial a bit more detailed and step by step. I am currently looking for a script that changes the rank by PID (so if I connect, it will get my rank by PID and set it accordingly) . Is that what your script does?
  5. tebsuuu

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    maybe "deaktivate teleport" function would be nice, too in case zeus wants to add markers to the map again
  6. maybe you should check the bitrate of the original files and see if your files have the same
  7. it has to because the people will vote for your mod, not the devs.
  8. tebsuuu

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    had a problem where i choosed an explosive but i couldnt place it. when i clicked on my mouse to place it, my weapon just shot (default action basically)
  9. tebsuuu

    X-Cam prototype map

    bloody hell. this looks too good
  10. with 0.9.6, i dont hear the click sounds anymore when pushing the talk button :(
  11. tebsuuu


    Maybe the vanilla tanks are just too weak (who knows.. i wouldnt wonder). I actually expect the BWMod to be more accurate than anything from BIS. One question: Would it be possible to somehow add names to uniforms via a script ? (possibly as a later addition to this mod)
  12. tebsuuu

    Simple Mysql Rank Script

    somehow, this doesnt work for me. Nothing happens. I even tried to hardcore the ranks by steamid (without the sql part)