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  1. I'm having a error that is driving me crazy kkkk texture with this rvmat ... but when I'm in the shade it continues to glow a look! Anyone know what can be? http://i.imgur.com/n9x65Gj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sWsJkNK.jpg This error occurs with or without the rvmat
  2. FAL AND PARA FAL TEXTURIZED! http://i.imgur.com/ozGAW5J.png (111 kB) http://i.imgur.com/DpR6Rc9.png (107 kB)
  3. FAL PARA-FAL http://p3d.in/qf3to http://p3d.in/kAFXA
  4. FAL http://p3d.in/rvSbR
  5. Leopard http://i.imgur.com/ExccJCt.jpg (739 kB)
  6. Para Rescue Orange Hat http://i.imgur.com/hpVIdrA.jpg (833 kB)
  7. I already did :) after I insert pictures
  8. Yes :) ---------- Post added at 00:41 ---------- Previous post was at 00:34 ---------- AIR FORCE PARA-RESCUE (Para-Sar) http://i.imgur.com/PnOKBZe.jpg (816 kB)
  9. BR MARINERS http://i.imgur.com/R2NXdvi.jpg (905 kB)
  10. First of all thanks for the help because this is my first mod! and positive feedback are very good :) I just finished the uniforms of the armed forces 3. I will now focus on vehicles for now (Guarani, grippen, Marrua, UH-60, AAV, and Leopard) and finish the model IA2 because I'm making a new one because the previous model is not mine.
  11. NEW TEXTURES FULL HD! :) http://i.imgur.com/eKlRoBN.jpg (687 kB) http://i.imgur.com/2DpiLQl.jpg (713 kB)
  12. the author of the Swedish mod released Grippen for the mod I'm working on, and I'm still working on it.
  13. jungle Infantry and Vest
  14. I do not know why the pictures are bad! if I post more than 100kb will not appear. rsrsrs al's Infantry Jungle
  15. thanks for the force Chacalik we are still working on the units of the army but soon will begin the Marines and then Para-Sar the Air Force. when you can get help in giving advice on the uniform and equipment. thanks for help!
  16. IA2 7.62 5.56 CQB 5.56 carbine ---------- Post added at 02:11 ---------- Previous post was at 02:10 ---------- thanks MistyRonin! the work is going good!! :)
  17. hello Ckrauslo. from the models are creating new models to try something new not a re texturization. on the vests I made the vest Joint now where I served. was a corporal of the army in 2008 in the 2nd battalion of light infantry.