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  1. Will deletinig a man with deleteVehicle also remove him from his group? Or will I have to do that seperately?

    To be more specific, I'm deleting a corpse with deleteVehicle. I'm assunming I can reference the corpse the same way I reference a living member of a group by using "units _myGroup select #". I'm trying to totally remove a dead member from the world in preparation for respawning a copy of him back into the group.

  2. Thanks for the reply. In your example, would all computers be able to see the names "blue7" and "mortar1" and be able to make changes to the units that correspond to those names? Or would only the computer that those units are local to be able to do that?

    For example, if "blue7" is controlled by a player from a machine which is not the server, will the server be able to see the name "blue7" and access that unit through its name?

  3. A search for "call name" returns no relevant info. Can you be more exact with what you mean by "call that name in a script"? Maybe give an example? Is it just literally "_unit = call unitname"? Will that assign to _unit a reference pointing to the unit with name unitname, which in this example is the name given to it in the mission editor?