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  1. Sorry wolf i didnt see your questions at first. The F35A will have an operational skin this one is the test skin like post production before operation. The Nighthawk wont be added to this pack because it is a retired aircraft for one and two because i dont want to add anymore assets to this mod. The current amount is enough. Yes for the KC135 it refules from the rear depending on if the aircraft has a female portion or male portion. Majority of the aircraft in this mod have female portions. I believe only the HH60 has a male portion. the basket fuel for the male portions was put in this mod more for Johns F18, Konyo's chinook. But other aircraft as long as they incooperate the needed points can be refueled by the KC135 or the MC-130

    what about the B-2 ?

  2. Completely agree.

    @Blackadder - While I will be adding my own content in A3 WLD427 does not want to for a variety of reasons (I've heard most of them and I agree with most of them) but its his work to do with as he wishes. If you want RACs themed addons in A3 then you can always make your own addons.

    i didn't ask for A3 RACS addons i was just curious why alot of the older guys do not like A3

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    Besides, he doesn't need to defend himself in his own discussion about another game mod. Recommend you just don't ask. Just don't ask!

    i'm curious why he doesn't like the game. props to him for not realsing his addon into arma 3 at the end of the day that his decision. i just wanted to know the reasons why thats all