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  1. Hi CUP team, I have a question. Is the buckshot for the m1014 or saiga shotguns working? I see that only the AA12 has buckshot on this classnames list: http://friedenhq.org/tmp/CUP_Class%20List/classlist.html I have tried using the old A2 classname with a CUP_ at the front, but it still wont register the buckshot. The unit only has slugs for his shotgun. This is the classname I am trying: CUP_8Rnd_B_Beneli_Pellets Thanks! EDIT: I have figured it out on a wild guess: The buckshot classname needs a "74" in it like the slugs. Buckshot for the m1014: CUP_8Rnd_B_Beneli_74Pellets Slugs for the m1014: CUP_8Rnd_B_Beneli_74Slug Maybe this should be added to the above classnames list. Keep up the good work CUP team, you guys really do rock!
  2. I would like to post my observations so far: All soldiers appear correctly in zeus mode. The uniforms aren’t there, but it’s a good start. I went through and customised the soldiers to my own tastes, such as creating ISIS units with AK-74’s and RPG-7’s and saving them under Arsenal. This is the first problem, I am unable to then place down my made units… I have to place a unit on the ground, then open arsenal, and then load the pre-saved soldier. This is very tedious and it means I have to place down units one at a time. I also cannot copy/paste the units. For example, if I put down a BLUFOR NATO rifleman, open arsenal and load a USMC rifleman (as I have customised him), when I copy/paste the unit, the pasted unit reverts back to what it started out as before the load. This means I cannot make up an enemy fireteam and quickly copy/paste them around the map… Every single soldier has to be “hand-madeâ€. Second problem: Marine autoriflemen by default start with 3x 200 round belts for their M249s, but on spawning they cannot use that ammo and their magazine count shows up as zero, even though you can see the ammo in the inventory. If you place down a new box of ammo and the unit goes and exchanges the “bad batchâ€, it works fine. This means that each time you place an autorifleman, you need to manually take remote-control and get them to rearm from a box. Some of these problems may just be Arma related, or they may be CUP related. I just thought I would bring it to your attention. Otherwise, thanks for the mod so far. Excellent work! The A2 scopes are looking a little dated, but A2 M4A1’s with A3 (3D) holosights look the part!
  3. Thanks a lot guys, this is exactly what I have wanted out of Arma 3 for a long time. The futuristic setting doesn't do much for me, but I have a lot of trouble going back to A2 controls/mechanics. I'm at uni so I can't check, but do these new weapons show up in Zeus or Arsenal? ie. Can I use arsenal to "dress up" enemy AI, save the soldier type, then place them down in editor missions/zeus mode? Our group stopped using the editor a long time ago: We found we could have just as much fun in a Zeus Co-Op mission that takes 5 minutes to make as an editor mission that took 3 hours to make.