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  1. Thanks but, I fly my heli over the repair truck and no hook in the menu. How do you hook the repair truck. Sorry but am i missing something lol:)

    Are you using the correct chopper for lifting? Last I checked not all choppers were capable.

  2. Are you sure that this was my version? :D

    Steam & Skydrive versions are identical.

    Run as you would in arma! :)

    By default the base area is 2 to prevent scattered bases. Try to sell an old base or increase the base area limit parameter from the lobby.

    An area is defined by the base buildings it has within 650~ meteres

    I have to ask if indeed you are playing you're own version because there is no base limit parameter in Benny .97. Zerty doesn't have this parameter his 6 versions of .96 I stopped checking the Russian versions.

    More parameters=more choice. How would you like your Benny today?