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  1. Doing that got it to show up in the error log so that's progress.. Now the error is Error in expression <rike.Altis\spcheck.sqf" if(!isDedicated _and !isMultiplayer) then { deleteVehicl> Error position: <_and !isMultiplayer) then { deleteVehicl> Error Missing ) So I put a ) next to !isDedicated Get another error telling me to put a ; after the ) At this point doesn't that ruin the "and" statement? But once I have (!isDedicated); I get error Error in expression <ke.Altis\spcheck.sqf" if(!isDedicated); _and !isMultiplayer); then { deleteVehic> Error position: <_and !isMultiplayer); then { deleteVehic> [b]Error Undefined variable in expression: _and[/b] Now I'm completely confused.......... BUT I GOT IT WORKING!!! SO I tried something a bit different and went with if (!isDedicated && !isMultiplayer) then { deleteVehicle p2; hint "Singleplayer Mode Activated"; } Which works :D
  2. Added scaling single player to make the missions more possible to accomplish by yourself. Also changed the revive system so that you can now die from "kill shots" and can be revived by both AI or Players on less serious injuries.
  3. [/color]Got it to work! Created a trigger that has the condition !isDedicated and !isMultiplayer and the on act. deleteVehicle p2; hint "Singleplayer Mode Activated"; and then set everything you don't want in single player to have condition !alive p2 and time > 10
  4. Any way to use condition of presence to check if a player is a player and not AI and as such not spawn certain units? Trying to make a Co-op 2 mission SP compatible and this would help. ---------- Post added at 20:03 ---------- Previous post was at 19:46 ---------- Tried using On player 2's squad. And it doesn't show up!... but also doesn't show up when I spawn as player 2
  5. How so? I'm guessing put this in init and then have singleplayer_init.sqf contain stuff like Or am I completely off? ---------- Post added at 20:58 ---------- Previous post was at 20:41 ---------- Well that didn't work so guess I was wrong :P
  6. Nope still the same issue Tried that and editting time from 0 to 5... units still won't spawn if I control p2
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    Peace Keepers

    Might have to grab the mods and give this a try!