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    Tips for building a community

    We're already involved in an MSO until November, but thanks anyway.
  2. GReeves

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    I totally agree with the above post. Maps like Utes, Chernarus, and Takistan were just fine without all of this silly "flavoring", so I don't see a need for it in this game. What's wrong with having a module like the Ambient Civilian Vehicles module except in a damaged or destroyed version?
  3. GReeves

    Looking for a Faction I can Join

    If you're looking for a squad, you should be posting in the SQUADS AND FAN PAGES forum. Check out my signature and see if you're interested in that kind of group.
  4. GReeves

    Tips for building a community

    I set out from the beginning with the goal of not being like the other squads out there. We only recruit people who know how to have fun while being serious enough to get the job done. After our MSO is over, we're going to start a game server. We'll probably have some open game nights and some closed game nights. Leave it to me to keep 'em under control :) In an old Ghost Recon squad I ran, we only had three members after four months of recruiting so I've learned to handle slow progress. It's still hard though! Thanks for the help.
  5. GReeves

    FPS Fix

    We're talking about FPS lag, which is affected by the quality of your PC specs. That's totally different than latency. Thanks for posting this. It may not help everyone but it sure does work for us with weak GPUs :D
  6. GReeves

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Thanks for giving us old school gamers a superior alternative to the classics like Ghost Recon. Your admins can be a bit strict sometimes but I guess that's necessary in such a massive community. Keep up the good work.
  7. Navigate to Bohemia Interactive/ArmA/ and find the music.pbo. It should be in one of the folders called addon. Then download a PBO extracter from Armaholic. There are several good ones. Then you simply use the program to decompile the file and there you have it. The file is called 'Track22_Chernarussian_Anthem.'
  8. That first video was the first time we had played together so I was proud of my team ;) I'll post some of our Warfare training video soon but it might end up in our squad thread.
  9. Knew somebody was going to say that :mad: Just kidding; you're totally right. We always do reviews after our missions and we pointed out a bunch of things everyone could improve on. The first thing was that I shouldn't have even thought about shooting that guy -- he wasn't a threat to us and he was facing away. We should have moved on to the vineyard on our right instead. The reason I called the video Medic Mania was because Diogo kept applying every possible piece of medical equipment to Chris, keeping him from moving to cover :D We also shouldn't have moved down that open slope when we knew there would be enemy forces on the edge of the city :P We came up with our own alternative to METT-TC, and we've been applying it to our missions. That, and a bunch of training on Warfare mode, has helped us to improve a lot, and I'll be posting a video of us doing a much better job soon :) Thanks for commenting. ---------- Post added at 21:12 ---------- Previous post was at 20:31 ---------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_fo97n9PXU&feature=youtu.be A three-man CAST task force takes on Operation Streetsweeper. Near the end of the mission, we entered a compound that was rigged with an IED -- Diogo was killed, and the enemy rushed in to kill Chris and I, who were staggering around in the ruins of the buildings. We did much better this time; we discussed our miserable performance after watching the previous video :o and made it all the way down the road towards the village elder's house. We were about 200 meters away when we entered a compound and sent Diogo to clear the first room. He stepped on an IED and it killed him instantly. We were stunned yet unharmed, but enemy forces ran in and wiped us out before we could even recover. Nice try team :)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kln4xMK4IDs&feature=youtu.be A three-man CAST task force takes on Operation Take and Hold. The mission was designed in-house by PFC Chris Sutton. Even though it drops my framerate, I love getting these videos because it helps us see where we can improve.
  11. GReeves

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thank you. We'll try that out later today.
  12. GReeves

    ACE for OA 1.13

    How does the SOFLAM laser designator work in ArmA2 with ACE installed? We've got an A-10 flying over some target tanks, a guy on the hill lasing the target (we've tried laser codes 1001 and 1688), but the bombs don't land on the laser.
  13. How would I go about adding a HALO drop with this method? " _unit addweapon "ACE_ParachutePack" or "ACE_ParachuteRoundPack"; _unit setPos [(position _unit select 0), (position _unit select 1), 800]; _unit execVM "\x\ace\addons\sys_eject\jumpout_cord.sqf";" I tried replacing _unit with _p1, the name of the player, but it didn't work. I'm putting this in my init script file.
  14. I recently finished a mission in which the players are placed next to a C130 about 1000 meters in the sky using "this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 1000]" in their Init lines. Of course that works just fine. This is the problem: To make things realistic, I have five nearby triggers (one for each player) that checks if each player has the "ACE_ParachutePack". If so, it triggers the HALO jump script for them ([player1, 1000] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs"). So if player 1 has a parachute pack he can use it, but if he doesn't, the HALO jump script isn't activated for him and he falls to a gruesome death. That works great too. At least in single-player. When I test it in multiplayer with me hosting with three other players, none of us seemed to have the HALO jump activated for us even though we had parachute packs. We all died. Next, we tried it again and everyone but me could pull their parachute. Finally I gave up and just used 'MoveinCargo' for each of us to place us in empty Steerable Parachutes. Everyone but me, the host, could steer them to the drop point we decided on. I just drifted straight down from my starting position and landed in the water. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
  15. GReeves

    Selecting next target in helicopter.

    Yep, I figured that out awhile back, too. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?68045-Next-Target-command&p=1186182&viewfull=1#post1186182 I just bind both 'Next Target' commands to the same key and it works fine.
  16. You have a good story going, but it's really hard to read because of the poor grammar. I'd clean it up a bit and maybe add a bit more action and it would be even better. :)
  17. Thanks for the offers, but I've decided to stay with my current squad.
  18. GReeves

    change settings immediately?

    That would be very helpful for switching between flying and on the ground. I am also interested in this.
  19. Make sure you set Independents to "friendly to no one" in the Intel menu. I don't know why the BLUFOR don't see the OPFOR on their radar, though.
  20. Thank you Nimrod. I would have never figured that out :) ---------- Post added at 20:34 ---------- Previous post was at 19:22 ---------- So I guess I need to put this in a script file in my mission folder rather than use it in the unit's Init line?
  21. GReeves

    Fatigue effects

    I find it hard to believe this discussion has gone on for 21 pages; it seems pretty straightforward to me. If you're trying to go for realism, I don't know why you would want to have blur effects and fading black screens. Maybe everyone who has posted in this thread needs to go outside for thirty minutes and just run around with a full pack on. Come back to your computer and tell me what happened. Did you black out? Did your eyes lose focus? Probably not. Most likely, you'll be able to run quite a ways (especially if people are shooting at you) before tiring, and even then you just need a short break before you can run again. So here's my solution, one that has been mentioned dozens of times already: after sprinting for a good distance, have the player gradually slow down until he's pretty much running in place. Yeah, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. After a few moments he can start running again. Didn't it work this way in ArmA 2? I never felt cheated because my eyes kept working correctly after running a long ways.
  22. It took me about an hour of running around on the training mission to figure things out. It isn't as bad as I was expecting. I would definitely suggest changing the default controls though; the stock settings confused me a lot. You'll also probably have to turn down the graphics settings quite a bit. My computer could hardly handle it on the normal setting, much less high. I've found it's best to put everything on Very Low and just put 3D Resolution on 67% or 75%. That makes all the textures look kind of ugly but the 3D Resolution makes everything clear, which is especially helpful when spotting targets at long range.
  23. GReeves

    Button for fire mode?

    In ArmA 2 you had to use the Toggle Weapons key to change fire mode. That resulted in players having to cycle through grenade launchers, smoke grenades and other gear just to go from semi to auto. This could be greatly improved if it's not already.
  24. Squad Name: Combined Arms Strike Team Timezone / Location: International Gamemode Preference: Co-op Contact E-mail: greeves99@hotmail.com Website Address: Link Short Description: The Combined Arms Strike Team is a squad for players who enjoy working as a team while keeping things fun and friendly. We strive to be serious enough to get the job done, while always remembering that the point of a game is to have fun. Language: English