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    Shall i install the game once more?

    I see what you're getting at :D
  2. Hopefully BI will sort out the major issues that have been openly discussed in this forum for a very long time but still haven't been addressed. The big three I can think of: 1. Fix the performance issues! Why can the third installment of a series not handle what Armed Assault and ARMA2 could? 2. Do something about the damage system...please. The AI can take bullets to the face and still be combat effective and that's crazy. Seriously. 3. On a less important note, bipods and weapon resting would really be nice and I think everyone is interested in that.
  3. Yeah, but you can't make BLUFOR fight BLUFOR with the INTEL method. 13isLucky's method is more advanced but has more options.
  4. GReeves

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    This reminds me of a firearms training class my dad was taking. He told me that the instructors were talking about armor, and it went something like this: Everyone in the class laughed, but unfortunately it seems Bohemia Interactive is just as ignorant as that guy in the class.
  5. My FPS drops like a rock when I start recording.
  6. GReeves


    I've spent my entire morning playing around with different combinations of mouse sensitivity and smoothing to no avail. To be honest, I'm actually not sure what exactly is bothering me. But when I'm in any close quarters engagement (5-15m), I find it easier to fire from the shoulder by imagining a reticle in the center of my screen than to aim down the sights. Maybe I should try using the aiming deadzone? ---------- Post added at 11:16 ---------- Previous post was at 11:06 ---------- I just tried using aiming deadzone and, WOW, that makes a difference. I don't have to turn my whole body to shift my line of fire anymore :D\
  7. GReeves

    Random Questions About Features

    4. Do you think we will we have any FPS/technical difficulties running the ALiVE mod on a Vilayer dedicated server with about five to ten players?
  8. GReeves

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    Can't say I agree with you there. Maybe you mean that individual skill doesn't do you much good in unorganized, chaotic PvP matches? But the guy you quoted was talking about organized clan matches. In my opinion this game requires more skill than most, simply because you actually need to practice marksmanship and (some) real world tactics actually can be applied to ARMA.
  9. A few of our members are very excited about moving onto ARMA3 in the near future. However, I'm a bit concerned about the whole thing. Is there anything we should be aware of before leaving ARMA2 and stepping into this game? We aren't a milsim group, but we always have a focus on teamwork and tactical gameplay. We are hoping to run a server with an MSO or the ALIVE mod, since we like the ongoing mission type stuff. I've seen some threads with alarming titles like "Multiplayer is Unplayable," but is any of this true? To sum up my question, are there any major differences or drawbacks in ARMA3 that would make a switch a waste of our time? Maybe the best option for us is to simply try it out and see if it fits us before making any decisions.
  10. GReeves

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    Okay, I've only seen the comments about interface (but I have been kind of skimming this one). The only arcade option ARMA needs is an in-game button that links you to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  11. GReeves

    Realistic damage

    Coulum, that's the exact video I mentioned in the body armor thread. :) Kind of reminds me of the AI's falls in GRAW.
  12. GReeves

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    The point of this thread is not to make ARMA3 arcade-ish; instead, it is a discussion about smoother gameplay and interface elements. Please read the actual posts instead of the misleading thread title.
  13. My guys and I are really looking forward to this one. The hitzones and variable injuries will be a major improvement on the ACE wounding system. I agree with you there -- unless, like the other guy said, the level of wound graphics in ARMA3 (I haven't gotten my copy delivered yet so I don't know) is not detailed enough to allow visual estimates of the damage. I would prefer to do a check with my own eyes; for example, you could look for head trauma and listen for sounds of extreme pain. However, if that isn't possible then the Quick Check is a good idea to make up for it.
  14. GReeves

    Enemies have more "life" after last update?

    Coulum pretty much summed up my thoughts on the armor issue. Players and AI SHOULD survive that many shots, but they should have some serious side effects. I've seen videos of people getting sniped with 7.62mm rifles, falling to the ground, and getting back up to move to cover. Not sure if this has been discussed before, but maybe there should be some kind of "adrenaline rush" feature that gives you enough time, when not completely downed or killed, to sprint to cover before the effects set in. Sort of like taking a serious hit with the ACE wounding system active and passing out a few moments later.
  15. Very long video, but it shows some pretty good action.
  16. GReeves

    Whats the secret to building a good clan?

    Having friends helps a ton, but I've started all of my communities by myself and they have been pretty successful, if I do say so myself :)
  17. GReeves

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    I think the main problem is the wording of this thread's title. Everyone who has posted here has said very little about "arcade" options, which, at least for me, conjures up images of run and gun CoD/BF style gameplay. I do agree that interface and general gameplay could be greatly improved -- I still find myself frustrated with the stuck-in-molasses feel of movement in ARMA2, and I want to scream sometimes when I want to rush through a doorway quickly and end up pulling out my sidearm instead of opening the door.
  18. GReeves

    Weaponrest, get it in even if AI cant use it

    Haha, thought I had edited that fast enough that nobody would see it. I re-read it and realized my mistake :D
  19. GReeves

    Weaponrest, get it in even if AI cant use it

    I know this has been said a bunch, but I totally agree that AI don't need weapon resting. I think it would be buggy and it wouldn't really be that necessary. I would improve a lot of other things with the AI before worrying about weapon resting for them.
  20. GReeves

    use chemlight

    **Note to self -- check which forum you are in before posting...***
  21. GReeves

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    Potential? Judging by the hundreds of communities and dozens of overflowing open servers I've seen, I'd say this series has more than potential. And it may not be inviting to people who are looking for pretty colors and fancy interfaces like those seen in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield (which really don't seem that great to me anyway), but, like another guy said, an interface is there to let you get into a game and play -- yes, I think it has some importance, but I think the quality of the gameplay is much more valuable.
  22. Yeah, one of our good members is having problems with our upcoming switch to ARMA3 because of the price. However, like others have said, I don't think this is a BIS issue.
  23. I don't want to butt into a discussion I'm not really a part of, but here's my two cents: The idea of a community effort is great -- I'm sure it would increase the quality of the port and unify it, making it easy for people to get all of their favorite ARMA2 content for the next installment of the series. However, I think people are exaggerating things too much. I see no reason why a few dozen ports of the same content would be such a disaster. Sure, you might end up having issues with public servers running different mods that have the same content, and therefore forcing people to jump through hoops to get in a multiplayer game. But like others have said before, players will decide which mods they like and which ones they don't, and eventually there will be a particular M16/Osprey/HMMWV/whatever mod that everyone will love and be familiar with. Coming from a closed community perspective, I see nothing wrong with smaller ports of individual content; in fact, my squad would prefer to be able to pick and choose what we want from ARMA2, rather than need to download a massive file containing every single vehicle, weapon, backpack, butterfly model, etc. from ARMA2. I don't know about you guys, but our team is moving to ARMA3 because it is different and new, and I don't see why we need every single model and texture from ARMA2 in this game. Is it because there isn't very much content in vanilla ARMA3 currently?
  24. GReeves

    Can Our Squad Make the Switch?

    Alright, thanks for the info. We are a small group right now, so I'm sure the performance issues will be resolved by the time our player counts get to that problematic level.
  25. GReeves

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    http://www.amazon.com/ArmA-3-Standard-Edition-Pc/dp/B00GD774N0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1385914526&sr=8-3&keywords=arma+3 There's an example. What version would this product come with?