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  1. Sorry dude wrong forum. I'll shut up lol
  2. Did you find the ACE config file? If not I can explain in more detail.
  3. GReeves

    JUMP please!!

    This. Oh and I know it's off topic, but I hate ARMA doors. Just say'n.
  4. GReeves

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    But what about all those Hollywood movies? Everything I know is a lie! Yeah, I would think the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle of 2035 is going to be able to hit bushes/pebbles/small dogs crossing the road/etc. without its tires falling off or exploding in 10mph collisions.
  5. Sorry, didn't read your post correctly the first time. If you are using the ACE mod there is a setting in the config file that you can change to disable all radio chatter.
  6. Audio Options >> Radio = 0 Game Options >> Radio Subtitles = Disabled
  7. GReeves

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    It's verrrrry simple to me -- make the AI (and players, I guess) have a visible negative reaction to hits. Do something like GRAW where the AI fall to the ground after taking a hit or something simpler like the Ghost Recon 1 flinch that actually slowed the enemy's reaction to getting nailed in center mass by a volley of gunfire.
  8. GReeves

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    Pretty sure that was an error in the first version of the game only. Playing v1.4 none of my GR community ever had that problem.
  9. GReeves

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    What he said, but with more swearing and excessive punctuation marks! lol
  10. GReeves

    JUMP please!!

    Skip to 9:37 There needs to be a mod for this, people.
  11. GReeves

    VOIP/VON issues in Arma3

    You lost me pal...
  12. GReeves

    JUMP please!!

    I agree that running jumps should be implemented as Squirrel said in above post. However the idea about auto vault is awful -- imagine the game making you automatically leap over objects just as you run behind them to take cover. I recall a similar design, maybe Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and it had an auto cover feature that made you stick to walls when you don't want to. As far as movement goes I think it should be one hundred percent player controlled.
  13. GReeves

    ArmA 2: OA Tactical Guide

    Dslyecxi, founder of the ARMA community "ShackTactical" wrote this extremely detailed and useful guide covering everything you'll need to know about tactics. It really helped me when I was developing our group's tactical doctrine and it cleared up some of the confusion I had from reading real world military training manuals on tactics and such. Also if you're interested in taking tactical approaches to missions, I'd suggest finding an online squad -- the AI aren't exactly the best teammates. http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com
  14. GReeves

    Whats the secret to building a good clan?

    Listen to this guy. The guys in my group always say that it's more fun to play with a fireteam of cooperative, friendly, and cool people than a whole platoon of run'n'gun, obnoxious, and stupid players.
  15. I think ChrisB and I are from a more co-op perspective, so hearing complaints about AI chatter doesn't mean much to me while it probably is a very important element if you're an SP player.
  16. GReeves

    Arma 2 MSO - How not to disarm IED's

    Or you can just shoot them with a fifty cal rifle or arrest the operator and avoid bloodshed altogether :) ---------- Post added at 16:38 ---------- Previous post was at 16:37 ---------- Of course that's not near as exciting as running over them though lol
  17. We really just need the basics. Don't really care if the new content is futuristic or not but we need decent fixed wing aircraft and wheeled vehicles. For fixed wing I suggest a fighter and a transport like the Osprey or C130. For wheeled we need some good old HMMWV type vehicles. Using Hunters for transportation isn't going to work for us, especially since they are pathetically weak and get torn up so easily. ---------- Post added at 14:24 ---------- Previous post was at 14:22 ---------- As for weapons... throw out this MX crap and give us something decent that's based on 416s or good ol M4s. The MX SAW variant also should be ditched and replaced with something cool like a futuristic M27 IAR.
  18. Maybe you could move a bit faster, have your weapon more "Ready", and be more tense when you hit the Combat Stance key while walking with your weapon lowered? Then if you want to keep your weapon down to avoid aiming at friendlies or flagging your weapon around corners, you could do that, but you would still be ready to quickly raise it and shoot. That's what I felt was missing from ARMA2's lower weapon (and ARMA3's, I guess). Then if you hit the Combat Stance key again, you go back to a more relaxed default stance similar to ARMA2's walk-while-your-weapon-is-down, for noncombat stuff.
  19. Yes, but what Denco is saying is that the Combat Space doesn't apply when you are walking. It only changes your weapon's position when you are jogging/running.
  20. It sounds like it's either a mistake or you did something that you are not telling us/not aware of. I don't know these guys very well but they seem like a good group from what I've heard -- it looks out of character for them.
  21. GReeves

    An Honest Review

    Off-topic but I have to defend one of my favorite mods :) I don't really know why you have a problem with the keybindings -- in fact, I don't see why so many people gripe even about the keybindings in ARMA2 vanilla. It took me like one night of messing around to figure out all the new keys, and they weren't really that different from any other FPS games out there. Sure, there's more to sort through, but it's not like we're using the number keys to walk and shooting with Backspace or anything crazy like that. ACE only adds a few new essential keybindings (Interaction menus, deploying weapon) and the rest you rarely ever need.
  22. GReeves

    Dynamic Volume for Voice Channels

    This is why I stopped playing on public ARMA2 servers a few days after purchasing it and started looking for squads :) I don't even know how people can enjoy stuff like Wasteland or whatever when there are people playing music in their mics, screaming in high pitched voices, and making creepy sounds when they get shot.
  23. GReeves

    An Honest Review

    Let me help you. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169862-Weaponrest-get-it-in-even-if-AI-cant-use-it One hundred and thirty voters said they wanted weapon resting and a bipod system. I think that's a must-have feature.
  24. GReeves

    arma 3 Ammo Cook Off?

    That's secondary explosions and it's different than ACE Cookoff. Try blowing up an armed vehicle in vanilla ARMA2, then destroy the same one with the ACE Cookoff module in your mission. The difference is...really fun to watch over and over again. In Vanilla ARMA2 it's just the scrap metal blowing up now and then, but with the ACE Cookoff module the ammunition inside the vehicle actually cooks off and makes a nice popping sound.