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  1. Ok so I am making a mission for myself and friends and one thing I have noticed is that if a wall or building is blown up either by us calling in artillery or by breaching the wall with charges that most of the time it will show for me that it has been destroyed but for my friends it shows it as normal. So I can literally walk through a clearing we have made whilst to my friends it just looks like I am glitching through a wall. Is this something that can be fixed or is it some sort of bug with A3
  2. I do actually rent a server which I have been hosting ARK: Survival evolved on but I never play it so I could easily switch it to Arma. The only thing is mate I have no idea how to run a Arma server and also I have no idea how and what coding I would need to change for a server. Suppose since you have your own server running well you could help me when you have the time :)
  3. Is a i5-4670k at 4.4ghz not good enough? I will have a look for this post now mate.
  4. I am just running it through the game by pressing play>MP>new then selecting the mission that way. So I guess am using my internet as the source for the game to be hosted on?.
  5. It is... My PC :) so yes its a beast mate haha :p but on a serious note I couldnt try this on Altis because Altis doesnt have the compounds that Kunduz does nor the same walls. If it is a sync problem then is there any fixes for this sort of thing or am I left wishing BI would fix it... like many other things.
  6. So is there a way of fixing this or is this just a bug with A3?.
  7. So I am making a mission on this map and have found something strange. If say we call in an artillery strike on a compound, or breach the walls with demo charges for some reason not everyone in the mission can see the walls being destroyed. Is there anything I can do to make it so that everyone see's the same destruction? After all it is pretty critical in a mission when having to clear compounds etc. I can walk through the destroyed parts but others playing have to walk around to the entrance as they dont see the gaps they only see me appearing to glitch through the walls.
  8. It is just the walls that are already in the map. I am using the Kunduz Afghanistan map/mod. So do you think it has something to do with the way that map has been created? It would be really handy to be able to have everyone in the mission see the same thing.
  9. Do you have a list of all the classnames for this mod?
  10. Aye it works now not sure why it didnt the first time. Didnt know about the BIS_fnc_typeText coding but I just remembered about this post from back in either the Alpha or Beta phase and thats why I used it. That BIS_fnc_typeText is a much smaller way of doing it. Either way it is working again so thanks.
  11. Anyone know why the Typewriter clicking sound does not work anymore?
  12. kdk11

    Farooq's Revive

    ok am having trouble getting this to work at all. I have done this - Copy FAR_Revive folder into your mission folder. Add this to the top of your init.sqf: call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "FAR_revive\FAR_revive_init.sqf"; - What else do I need to do? I go into the editor shoot a Unit and go up to him and see if I can revive him but no options show. What am I missing? Never mind it now works
  13. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I thought there would already be a post about how you would do this but I was unable to find one. Never mind found a work around - "_vehicle setVehicleAmmo 0;" does the trick
  14. I have found 2 under ground tunnels and one of the hidden rooms under a building. But I honestly cant take anymore zooming around the map in a hunter at x4 speed trying to figure out where the rest are haha surely someone knows where they are.
  15. The first post says they exist however it doesnt say the grids/location of them.
  16. Anyone have the locations to the bunkers and underground tunnels? I managed to find one tunnel after driving around the map on x4 speed in a hunter that couldnt take damage. But it seems my eyes cant take much more of that and also I have no idea where they could be.
  17. I was just wondering how you add custom skins to a server? I have done some textures and would like to add them to a server but not sure how. Its an Epoch server so it would be nice to be able to go to a trader and when buying a vehicle chose which skin it comes in? any help will be appreciated :)
  18. kdk11

    Adding custom skins to server

    Anyone know how to do this?
  19. kdk11

    Locking Vehicles

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone knows of or how to make a script for a server so that you can lock vehicles, when you lock the vehicle only the owner can unlock it and after server restart the vehicle still belongs to that player and only they can unlock it? Maybe something where the player has a key on them, and if they die the key can be taken from them or/and they can chose to share the key so other people can use that vehicle?
  20. kdk11

    [R3F] Logistics

    Um is that my Retexture of the Mohawk being used in your work?
  21. Does anyone know of a file within Arma 3 that has all the camos inside in plain? I know you can find them already on vehicles etc but what I would like is the camos that have not been applied to any vehicle etc.
  22. kdk11

    Altis Life RPG

    So I took those 3 files, made the core folder, then the functions and items folders and put those .sqf in correct place. I took your init and description. Then I went into the editor and I wrote this giveitem "HandGrenade_Stone". I previewed the mission and when I threw the grenade it just exploded like a normal grenade. Have I missed something? I must note I had to delete some of the description as everytime I tried to load my mission it would say I was missing a file and then it closed down my game.
  23. kdk11

    Arma 3 Camos

    Thanks for the reply, I know of all these camos though dude. But what I was wondering is... Is there files anywhere with JUST the camo? not applied to any vehicles etc