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  1. ok i have been trying to find a way to stop team killing and would like to set up something like wasteland has in it where your team has a icon on them and it shows ya there name aswell. i know you can tur tags on but it dose not work all the time i have tryed setting up all dif ways but i have had no luck. if some one could help me out you would be my wet dream for the morning. thanks
  2. yah i have been running tags but thy seam to only work when you are close so when ya see some one about 200m away thy dont show up so boom you just killed ya own team m8 lol. i have just added in a team killing scrip so ill see how that goes.
  3. goatboy

    =BTC= TK punishment script

    This looks good been trying to find one that works. i done everything you said to but im stuck on Create a logic and call it BTC_logic. i stall new to arma editor how would i go about doing this. thanks Found out how :)
  4. ok i have been looking around and have stall found nothing im starting to think arma was made for little kids to team kill lol. But yes what i am after is something to help with team killing or even away to get tags to show on opfor and bluefor can any one help ?
  5. goatboy

    Team killing

    ts.wastelandgoats.com And omg i so did not think about #login lol (wet dream) :P
  6. goatboy

    Team killing

    How does it work i have found some arma2 ones that work but not the way i would like them to lol. At the end of the day anything would b good sin when running a dedi server you cant kick people lol
  7. ok i have been looking around and have came up short. What i am trying to do is make it so when people span in on my mp mission thy have nothing on or may be a hand gun. Or even beta if some one has a code for getting rid of smoke nades as thy seam to lag server out hard.
  8. goatboy

    Spawn with nothing ?

    Shot man it worked a treat.