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  1. This might be a starting point for you, I used part (edited other parts) of the BIS function to create lightning and then just added a loop essentially:

    h = [] spawn {
    	private _fncLightning = {
    		params [
    			["_centre", position player, [[]]],
    			["_radius", 300, [0]],
    			["_dir", random 360, [0]]
    		private _pos = _centre getPos [_radius, _dir];
    		private _bolt = createVehicle ["LightningBolt", _pos, [], 0, "can collide"];
    		_bolt setPosATL _pos;
    		_bolt setDamage 1;
    		private _light = "#lightpoint" createVehiclelocal _pos;
    		_light setPosATL (_pos vectorAdd [0,0,10]);
    		_light setLightDayLight true;
    		_light setLightBrightness 300;
    		_light setLightAmbient [0.05, 0.05, 0.1];
    		_light setlightcolor [1, 1, 2];
    		sleep 0.1;
    		_light setLightBrightness 0;
    		sleep (random 0.1);
    		private _lightning = (selectRandom ["lightning1_F","lightning2_F"]) createVehiclelocal [100,100,100];
    		_lightning setdir _dir;
    		_lightning setpos _pos;
    		for "_i" from 0 to (3 + random 1) do {
    			private _time = time + 0.1;
    			_light setLightBrightness (100 + random 100);
    			waituntil {
    				time > _time
    		deletevehicle _lightning;
    		deletevehicle _light;
    	while {true} do {
    		_intensity = 2 + floor (random 3);
    		for "_i" from 0 to (_intensity -1) do {
    			[position player, linearConversion [0, 1, random 1, 300, 800]] call _fncLightning;
    		sleep 2 + (random 2);

    Put that in the debug console, I can add comments if you want me to.


    I appreciate this Hally, it has worked absolutely beautifully and I've chucked it into an SQF so I can trigger it when these "storms" commence, its beautiful and really adds that immersion, although we'd need to be able to stop it after about 60 seconds, I tried to use the for _i" from 1 To 4 do { to limit the number of loops it will commit, but of course I have no idea what I'm doing and it appears to have had no effect on it at all haha. I appreciate your help thus far.

  2. So the idea of my little mission today is its sandbox, in an apocalyptic world, and quite heavily based on the wonderful game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. In STALKER there are events named "Emissions" where thunderous storms rock the land and cause damage to all of those outside in the open to experience it.



    is an example)


    Now what I'd like to do is attempt to recreate the sound and aesthetics of the storm, I've managed to abruptly cause the storm with triggers by using setOvercast, setRain and setLightnings command, but I find that I'd love to have two or even three times as much lightning as there is occurring now even the maximum setting. I think seeing the night sky light up every 10 seconds and the sound of thunder rolling through the land would be pretty immersive.


    I haven't found any scripts or any leads on how one might be able to have a whole lot of thunder and lightning, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.


    I'm creating these storms from timed triggers although I'm guessing we're going to have to work this into a full script.


    Thanks for your help.

  3. So I've just had a shot at using the bis_fnc_taskcreate function, I'm not too good at the syntax or understanding where each parameter fits in but as far as I'm aware, this is it here

    [west,["task3"],["description", "title", "marker"],"blacksuv",true,5,true,"MOVE",false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate


    Now what I'm confused about is how the little 3d marker works with this function, especially with the new tasks overhaul. I'd like the task to have a little "move" waypoint, instead of the default teardrop symbol, although I've tried using a number of things and it leads me to think I'm mucking up the syntax, or am unsure of whether to use the cfgtasktype from the tasks overhaul, or the old one. 


    I couldn't find any other examples of bis_fnc_taskcreate that show off different types of objectives.


    Thanks for the help.



    I'm an idiot hahaha, the icon for "MOVE" is the same as the default icon with the new task overhaul. my mistake.

    Fixed it up with 

    [west,["task3"],["description", "title", "marker"],"blacksuv",true,5,true,"RUN",false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate

    Not sure how to delete the post, Sorry 

  4. So!

    I've got a little bit of a request, and I can't help but feel like it's one of those occassions where the answer is so simple, I just can't find it.


    Now I have a task, lets say the task is "Get inside the vehicle", but the player spawns down the street from the vehicle, and I'd like them to walk a particular path, or at least suggest a path to them if they get lost.

    So the idea was;

    I would Create a task

    Synchronize the first destination marker, to the task

    I would then create a second destination marker, almost forming 'waypoints'

    Now what I thought would work, is if I put a trigger on the first destination marker, synchronize that to the second destination marker, and then synchronize that second destination marker to the create task, therefore in theory, when you activate that trigger, it activates that destination marker, and it overrides all else.


    Although this didn't work, and here I am with like 5 tiny-triggers and a bunch of random destination modules.


    Would appreciate a method that incorporates the modules, I've thought maybe I could create waypoints but that doesn't feel as clean to me as task destinations.


    Thanks for your help

  5. I launched Arma 2 Combined Operations, and enabled the expansion Ace, nothing happend, so i closed Arma 2: CO, the next time i open it, it says " Include filex\cba\addons\main\script_Macros_common.hpp not found. " but another problemd is, ive removed all of ace so im not sure how this is happening, i dont actually want ace anymore. Thanks for helping.